Seeing your parents become old and frail can be a troublesome phase for almost everyone. The very strong hands that had been fostering your growth are now growing weak and you have to look after them. 

The entire experience of seeing their parents aging is a troublesome one for almost every son or daughter. Not only are your senior loved ones unable to perform the wide range of activities that they did in the past, but they are also limited mentally. They aren’t able to look after themselves in a manner that you would associate with them, and surely cannot manage the daily responsibilities that they have. 

In such cases, most people consider sending their parents or senior loved ones to a live-in facility, but we don’t recommend that. Live-in facilities signal a sudden lifestyle change in the way your parents live and don’t allow them to exercise their movements in a manner that you would like. The drastic lifestyle changes can be quite a bit for them to handle, which is why you have to think of the future and take the required actions for success. 

We realize the long term care that senior citizens need and just how expensive they can get, which is why we go above and beyond with the services we offer. Here we mention just how useful our long term care help for seniors can prove to be for your loved one: 

Remain Within a Familiar Environment 

A majority of your senior loved ones might be suffering from mental ailments such as dementia, which is why they might not be able to adjust to a completely new environment now. Such a mental ailment can quite literally dampen their chances of easily starting to live inside a completely new live-in facility. 

Thus, keeping them inside the familiar walls and environment of your home is your safest bet going forward. If you want your parents to get the care they want, it is a must that you make sure that they are kept within the home. 

Constant Attention 

Seniors require constant attention towards them. To know how to treat seniors, you should consider just as you would consider a toddler or someone else. You need to understand just how much attention toddlers require and should give the right amount of it to your senior as well. 


Finally, one of the biggest benefits of 24 hour senior care is that your senior loved one would require the companionship they crave. They would tell their stories, get assistance in mobility and be able to act the way they want to at this age. 

Personal Hygiene 

Senior citizens are very particular regarding their own hygiene but don’t have the energy to manage their grooming in the manner they would want. As your residential care expert, all caregivers make sure that your senior loved one gets the grooming they require. 

From bathing to toileting, expert professionals maintain a stringent eye over literally everything. Bathing regularly cannot just cleanse the skin of your senior loved one but can also make sure that they remain fresh and active at all times. 

Mobility Assistance 

Some seniors have a hard time walking around, which is why mobility assistance services can help them walk around the house with a fair bit of ease. Some senior citizens love walking around, but their frail legs can’t support their weight anymore, and they suffer accidents. Such accidents can be highly restrictive at this age, which is why the services of a professional caretaker can come as a necessity. 

Feeding and Housekeeping 

Besides just providing your senior loved ones with the companionship they need, your local caregiver can also help with feeding and housekeeping. The housekeeping they provide is focused on light laundry, meal preparations, medication checks and cleanliness. Senior citizens are extremely particular when it comes to how clean the environment around them should be. If that place isn’t clean enough, they can get quite annoyed. 

So, we understand the key to providing long term care help for your senior and we deliver on it as long as we can. The fact is that it’s impossible to deal with all seniors using the same approach. The caregivers at iWill Advisors go out of their way to make sure that every senior in our care has their needs are met. 

Get in touch with us today if you have any questions about our services or how we can help you.