If you are 65 years or more, you might have heard of Medicare from friends, family, or colleagues. Anyone that turns 65 is eligible to apply for Medicare three months before reaching this age. If you have a disability, you could apply and get early Medicare, primarily for conditions like Lou Gehrig’s disease and End-Stage Renal Disease. Remember, you qualify for Medicare if you pay taxes and are working. There are many Medicare Options South Florida where you can find the alternative that fits your medical and financial situation.


Types of Medicare

If you want to fully understand the concept of Medicare and select the best option, you might need to contact an advisor. You can find several Medicare Options South Florida, where you can get important information on how to approach Medicare. I Will Advisors are well versed in Medicare and break down the four parts as A, B, C, and D.

Also, you can get significant information about Long Term Care Help South Florida. Part A, hospital insurance, and B, medical insurance, are the original Medicare. Parts C and D are still significant, but C is private health insurance while D only covers prescription drugs.


How to Sign Up for Medicare

When it comes to signing up for Medicare, you will begin with parts A and B. Before you proceed, you should know when and how to sign up for the coverage and when it will start. You will be eligible to sign up for Parts A and B when you turn 65.

Some people will automatically get parts A and B, while others must sign up for the cover. For manual sign up, you will need to contact social security.


When Does the Coverage Start?

Your coverage will start depending on when you signed up or the period in which you signed up for the service. When you turn 65, it will be your initial enrollment period.

The period will last seven months which starts three months before your birthday. Also, the period will end three months from the date you turn 65.

Part B begins in the next two months if you sign up a month before turning 65. If you sign up a month before your birthday, it will start the following month. If you sign up two or three months after your birthday, you will have to wait at least three months.

You can always find a Medicare Insurance Agency South Florida that will provide adequate information about the best cover and time to register. Remember to examine local reviews of any candidate agency you intend to seek their services.


Can You Get More Coverage?

After getting your cover, you can review your options from a Medicare Insurance Agency South Florida if you want information about more coverage. For example, you may need to decide between Original Medicare and Medicare Advantage. Original Medicare offers parts A and B with drug and supplemental coverage. Medicare Advantage has parts A and B with drug coverage and extra benefits like vision, dental, and hearing services.

If you need help with your choices, I Will Advisors will help you understand Medicare basics and other options like Medigap. Also, you can access services like Medicare solutions, life insurance & annuities, and Long Term Care Help South Florida.

Anyone aged 65 years or more can register for Medicare and enjoy its benefits. The earlier you register, the earlier you will get to use the coverage. Speak to a reputable advisor to understand the different types of Medicare. Allow them to help you select the best coverage for your situation.